Barcelona vs Real Madrid Copa del Rey final,

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Copa del Rey final,


(Sporting Alert) — Barcelona vs Real Madrid, or Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo – however you want to put it – tonight’s Copa del Rey will be about rivalry.

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The club reported that more than 20,000 Madrid supporters is expected to be in attendance at the game and goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who has never hidden his desire to lift the Cup, send a message to the fans.

“A large portion of our success is due to our fans. They cannot be on the pitch with us, but from just beyond it they can help carry us to greatness.

“We hope we can recognize them and see them from the pitch. They need to know that we will do everything we can to win.”

Ronaldo, who has scored in the last four matches, including in the 1-1 draw when the two sides met at the weekend, hopes to extend the streak come Wednesday.

The forward has netted 41 goals this season and only one away from equalling his personal best over the course of one season.

But Jose Mourinho’s side will not only be about one man – at least they hope it will not be against a Barcelona side that several of leading pundits picked as unbeatable this season.

Barca will look to likes of Xavi, David Villa and Iniesta to provide the big punch in attack.

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  1. 10 things i learned today’
    1.Real has figured Barcelona out, the score could have easily been 3-0.
    2.Ronaldo will always be a problem for Barca whether puyol plays or not because his athletic ability is unreal, his speed is second to none
    3.Real madrid’s players are not as close as Barca’s players – Chemistry
    4.Messi will always dominate even if its in a loosing effort
    5.When real madrid really tries they are just as good as barcelona
    6.Messi wanted this game, you could tell by the look on his face when the final whistle blew
    7.Villa will cost Barcelona in CL
    8.A key player from either team will be sent off when it matters most
    9.This is Real madrid’s year
    10. Real will win CL