Complete 2017 Super Regionals and Series Hosts

BATON ROUGE, Sporting Alert — The field is now set for the 2017 Super Regionals and the following are the matchups and hosts teams after the conclusion of the Regional tournaments on Monday night.

ESPN2, ESPN3 and WatchESPN will again provide the live action, while live scores and updates, as well as highlights and scores recap, will also be available.

An additional ten regional champions were crowned Monday night and the Super 16 is now set after the NCAA tournament started with a field of 64 teams.

The best-of-three-game series in the Super Regionals begin on Friday, June 9, with the winner of each tournament making up an eight-team field at the 2017 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

The action gets going on Friday at Blue Bell Park in the College Station Super Regionals with NCAA tournament surprise package Davidson (35-24) taking on Texas A&M (38-21) in what is expected to be a solid series.

National No. 1 seed Oregon State (52-4) will take on Vanderbilt (36-23-1) in the Corvallis Super Regionals at Goss Stadium at Coleman Field, also on Friday, June 9.

Also playing on the opening day this Friday are, Cal State Fullerton (37-21) vs. Long Beach State (41-18) at Blair Field in the Long Beach Super Regionals, while the Louisville Super Regionals will see Kentucky (43-21) and Louisville (50-10) battling at Jim Patterson Stadium.


Baton Rouge

Alex Box Stadium

Saturday, June 10

9 p.m., ESPN2: Mississippi State (40-25) vs. LSU* (46-17)

Sunday, June 11

9 p.m.: LSU* (46-17) vs. Mississippi State (40-25)

College Station

Blue Bell Park

Friday, June 9

Davidson (35-24) vs. Texas A&M (38-21)

Saturday, June 10

Texas A&M (38-21) vs. Davidson (35-24)


Goss Stadium at Coleman Field

Friday, June 9

9 p.m., ESPN2: Vanderbilt (36-23-1) vs. Oregon State* (52-4)

Saturday, June 10

9 p.m., ESPN: Oregon State* (52-4) vs. Vanderbilt (36-23-1)

Forth Worth

Lupton Stadium

Saturday, June 10

6 p.m., ESPNU: Missouri State (43-18) vs. TCU* (45-16)

Sunday, June 11

6 p.m.: TCU* (45-16) vs. Missouri State (43-18)


Alfred A. McKethan Stadium

Saturday, June 10

3 p.m., ESPN: Wake Forest (42-18) vs. Florida* (45-17)

Sunday, June 11

3 p.m.: Florida* (45-17) vs. Wake Forest (42-18)

Long Beach

Blair Field

Friday, June 9

6 p.m., ESPN2: Cal State Fullerton (37-21) vs. Long Beach State (41-18)

Saturday, June 10

3 p.m., ESPNU: Long Beach State (41-18) vs. Cal State Fullerton (37-21)


Jim Patterson Stadium

Friday, June 9

Noon: Kentucky (43-21) vs. Louisville* (50-10)

Saturday, June 10

Noon, ESPN: Louisville* (50-10) vs. Kentucky (43-21)


Dick Howser Stadium

Saturday, June 10

Noon, ESPN2: Sam Houston State (44-21) vs. Florida State (43-21)

Sunday, June 11

Noon: Florida State (43-21) vs. Sam Houston State (44-21)

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