Cristiano Ronaldo warns Manchester United ahead of Barcelona CL final

Cristiano Ronaldo warns Manchester United ahead of Barcelona CL final


London, England (Sporting Alert) — Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo will be cheering for Manchester United when they face Barcelona in the final of the Champions League later this month.

The Portugal international is angry at the way his team was dumped by Barcelona over the two legs and blamed the referees for showing favouritism to Spanish leaders.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United side booked their place into the finals with a comfortable 4-1 win over Schalke and ensured a 6-1 aggregate results.

But a bitter Ronaldo has warned his former employers they must beat both Barcelona and the officials to stand a chance of winning the title.

“Next year, I think it would be better just to give the European Cup directly to Barcelona,” claimed the former United star.

“I don’t want to believe that there is some kind of ‘dark hand’ behind this, but something it going on. There have been so many things which have gone on in such a short space of time that it is difficult.

He added: “Barca have a great team but they have a lot of help behind them. It is nothing new, we knew this was going to happen.”

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  1. definetly think ronaldo is just giving excuses and wont admit that his team los against the best.

  2. I luvv cristiano ronaldo & Real Madrid!! He is so right about barcelona!! They were barka’in up the wrong tree, messing with ronaldo,Mourinho, and real madrid!!! (also Özil!! He rocks!!!!!)

  3. he is correct. o just saw Manu game today. it was beautiful to not see diving cowards like Barcelona rolin in the ground being stretched out of field and coming back in with grins in their faces. madid got robbed. granted their approach to the game was boring, it was still working. pepe was sent out, that was the only way messi could play. pepe dominated him. we all saw that Madrid scored in Barcelona and had a perfectly good goal disallowed. only barcelona fans with Barcelona goggles truly believe that their not a bunch of cheats. barca is the same Spanish team that beat Portugal with a offside goal. hmmm coincidence? I think not

  4. come on pep , u and ur team are abunch of losers,dont cheat…teach them how to play football rather than Acting on the ground….. keep up the name of ur so called team barcelona as the worlds best team… it really.?

  5. he is right they are babies mother fackers and now the devils will show them how real football is

  6. I have to say I’ve said this for a long time. Barcelona are a great team; there is no doubt but they do seem to have a way of retaining the ball by any means necessary which makes it difficult for any team to play against them. If they are tackled they rithe around like they have been shot, and if they are being attacked they give away silly fouls that break up any danger. The thing that gets me is they do all of this without punishment. Some of the petulant fouls that they give away to break play up most teams would be carded but not Barcelona. Real Madrid, inter Milan and all continental teams do this but Barca seem to know how to do it and gain the advantages themselves? I don’t want to believe that there is a conspiracy but I do thgink that its about time that referees and match officials stood up to them and did their jobs. Can anyone remeber watching a match where a Barca player has been red carded? I can’t, which tells me it very rarely happens.

  7. Did anybody really watch the match? What about Carvalho and Adebayor? They should have seen a red card but the ref didn’t show them. Who has profited then? What about last year against Inter? Barcelona has a great team and great players. 1 of them is the best player in the world. It is a pity that a great team as Real Madrid prefers talking about uefa than playing football.