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2015 ESPN NFL Power Rankings In Week 8: Oct. 27

TEXAS, Sporting Alert – The New England Patriots continue to be the No. 1 team in the 2015 ESPN NFL Power Rankings, following the Week 8 release on Tuesday morning.

The Patriots (6-0) picked up a 30-23 victory over the New York Jets on Sunday to stay undefeated this regular season after scoring 14 points in the fourth quarter.

Tom Brady continued to be effective this season, as the star quarterback passed for 355 yards and threw two fourth-quarter touchdown passes to lead the way for the Patriots.

He also ran for a score.

The focus on the day was passing, as the champions only ran the ball nine times for a season-low 16 yards.

New England remains No. 1 in points for per game, at 35.5.

Green Bay Packers (6-0), who were on a bye week over the weekend, stayed No. 2 in Week 8 of the ESPN NFL Power Rankings.

These Packers continue to lead the NFL in points allowed per game at 16.8 points and are ranked in the top 10 in two other categories.

Also despite being idle in Week 7, the Cincinnati Bengals (6-0) continue to move up.

The unbeaten Bengals, who sit atop of the AFC North standings, and are one of five teams still with a 100-percent record this term, climbed two spots to No. 3 in ESPN’s Week 8 Power Rankings.

Up next for them is a trip to the Pittsburgh Steelers and they will start favourites to improve to 7-0.

Meanwhile, the Broncos (6-0) slipped one spot to No. 4, while Cam Newton and the Panthers (6-0) are up one place to No. 5.

Making the biggest jump in this week’s rankings were the Miami Dolphins.

The men from Florida who were No. 21 last week, are up eight spots to No. 13 at the turnaround.

Miami has scored 82 points in two games and has allowed 36.

Will Dan Campbell be able to keep inspiring his troops against the Patriots in the next outing on Thursday night?

Dipping the biggest this week were the San Francisco 49ers and The San Diego Chargers, who have both melted eight-places.

San Diego (2-5) is No. 13 and San Francisco (2-5) drops to No. 27.

Complete ESPN NFL Power Rankings and Comments

2015 ESPN NFL Power Rankings: Week 8
Tuesday, October 24

1 Patriots (6-0)
2 Packers (6-0)
3 Bengals (6-0)
4 Broncos (6-0)
5 Panthers (6-0)
6 Cardinals (5-2)
7 Falcons (6-1)
8 Jets (4-2)
9 Seahawks (3-4)
10 Steelers (4-3)
11 Vikings (4-2)
12 Rams (3-3)
13 Dolphins (3-3)
14 Giants (4-3)
15 Eagles (3-4)
16 Raiders (3-3)
17 Saints (3-4)
18 Colts (3-4)
19 Bills (3-4)
20 Cowboys (2-4)
21 Chargers (2-5)
22 Chiefs (2-5)
23 Redskins (3-4)
24 Browns (2-5)
25 Bears (2-4)
26 Ravens (1-6)
27 49ers (2-5)
28 Buccaneers (2-4)
29 Texans (2-5)
30 Titans (1-5)
31 Lions (1-6)
32 Jaguars (2-5)

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