AC Milan vs Anderlecht: Champions League Group C

MILAN (Sporting Alert) – AC Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri will hope his team will help easing some of the pressure on him with a win in their opening Champions League Group C game against Anderlecht on Tuesday.

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Milan have dropped it last two games at home to Sampdoria and Atalanta and Allegri is hoping his side will quickly put its disappointing start to season behind and bounce back with a win at San Siro.

“Let’s not be victims here, now the important thing is to win the first Champions League match,” the under fire manager told a press conference.

“Winning is the only thing that counts in football and we haven’t started well this season although we do have one more point than this time last season.

“Against Sampdoria and Atalanta we created chances up front and were punished at the back on their first chance. We have to do more, starting from tomorrow.

“The Champions League is tougher and we face a side that has plenty of European tradition. We have to be patient because sooner or later we will create chances.

“I am very hopeful because I think the team are ready to face an important game like the one against Anderlecht. We have to stay alert and facused because we will have to work hard to win the game.”

Anderlecht have struggled to take a win on Italian soil in its 15 previous tries, but manager Daniele Bonera remains optimistic about his team’s chances.

“The Champions League is an extraordinary competition that is part of our DNA – this could be the game we need at the moment,” Bonera said during the press conference.

“We have to prove to ourselves that we not that team we saw in the two defeats. This is a particular moment for everybody and we must do more, starting with the veterans.

“I don’t think we have problems playing at the San Siro, it depends on the match.”

Anderlecht’s Serbian striker Milan Jovanovic will miss the game as he will be suspended, while the injured Matias Suarez is also out of the game.

“There is plenty of doubt surrounding the side but we have to prove them wrong,” Bonera said. “I think the team has the right quality and that we can be competetive and reach our goals.

“We just have to become a unit because we have changed so much.”

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