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ACC unveils schedule model with Cal, Stanford, SMU additions


The Atlantic Coast Conference released its football scheduling model for the next seven years Monday, incorporating the upcoming additions of Cal, Stanford and SMU.

All teams will play each other at least twice in the first seven seasons after the ACC grows to 17 members. Amid the inclusion of two West Coast programs, no team will travel to California in back-to-back seasons.

Not every school has the same number of protected rivalry games. Georgia Tech and Louisville have none at all, while some programs have as many as three. Cal, Stanford and SMU all have one another as protected rivals, and geography was emphasized for the others.

It is unclear what will become of Notre Dame’s annual set of games against ACC schools, including its rivalry series with Stanford. Those games will be determined at a later date, according to the league.

The 16 protected games that will take place every year are:
–Boston College-Syracuse
–Boston College-Pitt
North Carolina-Virginia
–North Carolina-Duke
–North Carolina-NC State
–NC State-Wake Forest
–NC State-Duke
–Duke-Wake Forest
–Virginia Tech-Virginia
–Florida State-Clemson
–Miami-Florida State
–Miami-Virginia Tech

–Field Level Media

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