AFC Divisional and NFC Divisional: NFL Playoffs Results on Jan 12

(Sporting Alert) — Here are the scores and results from the NFC Divisional and AFC Divisional Playoff games which took place on Sunday, Jan. 12.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Results – Jan 12

NFC Divisional Playoff Game: San Francisco 49ers 23 (12-4), Carolina Panthers 10 (12-4)
AFC Divisional Playoff Game: Denver Broncos 24 (13-3), San Diego Chargers 17 (9-7)

In the first game on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Carolina Panthers, 23-10 in the NFC Divisional Playoff game, while the Denver Broncos turned the tables on their opponent after beating the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Divisional game, which was the other clash on the day.

The results on Sunday have setup some enticing battles, but none looks better than what is expected to come in the AFC championship game next Sunday, where it will be Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady.

It seems as though Manning, who finished with 25 of 36 completed passes and threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns, is also looking forward to the rivalry.

“It’s the Broncos versus the Patriots and certainly Tom and I have played against each other a lot,” Manning said after the game.

“But when you get to the AFC championship, it’s about two good teams that have been through a lot to get there.”

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers to setup a date with the on form Seattle Seahawks in the NFC crown next Sunday, setting up another intense battle between the old bitter rivals.

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