England’s Alex Yee has won the first gold medal of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, taking victory in the men’s triathlon.

Yee chased down Hayden Wilde to clinch victory in 50 minutes 34 seconds, beating the New Zealander by 13 seconds with Australia’s Matthew Hauser three seconds further back.

Wilde had been hit by a 10-second penalty, which cost him dear after leading heading into the 5km run.

Yee described his win as “my greatest achievement ever”, adding: “It’s the first time I’ve been able to race in front of my parents for a long time at a major Games.

“I’m just happy. It’s bizarre it’s me that’s doing this and I can feel extremely grateful to be in this situation.

“I feel proud to be a triathlete today, to see so many different nations who I’ve never raced before and who are doing triathlon for the first time.

“It’s just wicked. Really proud of the guys in my team, they helped me.

“This is my first Commonwealth Games, just soaking it up. Thousands of people out on the course and I just wanted to enjoy it.

Yee revealed it was vital that he did not panic as he closed in on Wilde and picked his moment to make his attack.

He added: “I just wanted to stay as calm as possible and run my own race.

“I wanted to make sure there was plenty in my legs when I got there.

“It was weird with the hills. It felt like an eternity chasing him. It was on the final hill when I made big inroads.”

Yee was aware of the penalty for the New Zealander and said: “I saw the number one and realised it was Hayden. You don’t want to see the race determined by something technical.

“I think there will be many more battles (with Wilde) on the way.

“I have a lot of time for Hayden, he’s a great competitor. But we are good friends off the course.”

By Birmingham 2022

1CGA codeENGAlex YEE8:490:5026:07:000:1714:3150:34:00
2CGA codeNZLHayden WILDE8:380:5126:01:000:1814:5950:47:00
3CGA codeAUSMatthew HAUSER8:410:5626:10:000:1714:4650:50:00
4CGA codeAUSJacob BIRTWHISTLE8:510:4926:08:000:1815:0051:06:00
5CGA codeSCOGrant SHELDON8:410:5226:16:000:2015:1551:24:00
6CGA codeRSAJamie RIDDLE8:360:5126:04:000:1815:4351:32:00
7CGA codeNZLDylan McCULLOUGH8:440:5126:15:000:1915:2651:35:00
8CGA codeNZLTayler REID8:340:5725:59:000:1815:5751:45:00
9CGA codeWALIestyn HARRETT8:490:5226:08:000:2115:4151:51:00
10CGA codeCANCharles PAQUET8:440:5826:07:000:2215:4751:58:00
11CGA codeCANMartin SOBEY8:450:5226:09:000:1615:5651:58:00
12CGA codeENGDaniel DIXON8:390:5626:14:000:1915:5452:02:00
13CGA codeBERTyler SMITH8:530:5426:00:000:2316:0452:14:00
14CGA codeSCOCameron MAIN8:400:5426:14:000:1916:1252:19:00
15CGA codeJEYOliver TURNER8:410:5226:17:000:1616:3852:44:00
16CGA codeNIRJames EDGAR8:420:5126:18:000:1916:5053:00:00
17CGA codeBARMatthew WRIGHT8:520:5126:05:000:2217:1153:21:00
18CGA codeWALDominic COY8:570:5127:41:000:1915:3553:23:00
19CGA codeENGSamuel DICKINSON8:460:5926:04:000:1917:3253:40:00
20CGA codeIOMNiall CALEY8:560:5527:36:000:2016:1354:00:00
21CGA codeRSADylan NORTJE8:590:5427:36:000:2116:2254:12:00
22CGA codeAUSBrandon COPELAND8:540:5327:40:000:1716:3654:20:00
23CGA codeGGYJoshua LEWIS8:470:5727:44:000:2217:2355:13:00
24CGA codeIOMWilliam DRAPER9:490:5328:07:000:1816:5055:57:00
25CGA codeNAMDivan du PLOOY9:531:0329:17:000:2215:4956:24:00
26CGA codeMRIJean Gael Laurent L’ENTETE9:421:0128:08:000:2518:4858:04:00
27CGA codeGIBAndrew GORDON9:540:5529:22:000:2017:3358:04:00
28CGA codeCYPPanayiotis ANTONIOU9:571:0129:13:000:2217:5358:26:00
29CGA codeGIBKelvin GOMEZ10:491:0230:14:000:2817:291:00:02
30CGA codeINDAdarsh MURALIDHARAN NAIR SINIMOL9:511:0231:14:000:2718:041:00:38
31CGA codeMLTKeith GALEA10:371:1130:19:000:2819:051:01:40
32CGA codeTTOJason COSTELLOE12:391:1129:48:000:2318:051:02:06
33CGA codeINDVishwanath YADAV10:551:0532:24:000:2218:061:02:52
34CGA codeMASIsaac TAN9:481:2133:02:000:2418:231:02:58
35CGA codeKENJoseph OKAL11:071:3031:48:000:3419:001:03:59
36CGA codeGIBRobert MATTO11:471:0631:32:000:3019:361:04:31
37CGA codeJAMPhillip McCATTY12:351:1232:53:000:2519:381:06:43
38CGA codeBAHArmando MOSS11:101:2232:34:000:3721:431:07:26
39CGA codeGHAMark OFOSU12:351:0134:29:000:3020:561:09:31
40CGA codeFIJNikotimasi CROKER11:061:1336:04:000:3022:171:11:10
41CGA codeFIJRhys CHEER9:561:1333:36:000:2426:41:00(PF) 1:11:50
42CGA codeMOZDuncan Neville WYNESS13:041:3534:54:000:2721:50(PF) 1:11:50
43CGA codeBIZKian TREJO13:141:2937:18:001:3122:461:16:18
44CGA codeSOLTimson Jude IROWANE14:211:3137:20:000:2324:23:001:17:58

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