Barclays Premier League Final Point Standings

MANCHESTER (Sporting Alert) — Manchester City collected a valuable win on the final day to lift the Barclays Premier League title on Sunday.

Down 2-1 heading into stoppage time, Manchester City scored two late goals to win the game 3-2 and win the title by having a better goal-difference than Manchester United after both sides ended with 89 points apiece.

Arsenal beat West Bromwich 3-2 to finish third and copped the final automatic Champions League slot, while Tottenham, who beat Fulham 2-0 will have to wait to see if their fourth place finish will be enough to earn them a qualifying slot.

Manchester United defeat Sunderland 1-0 and looked well set to lift the crown before City’s late performance.

Chelsea, which finished sixth in the league, can take the fourth and final place with victory in the final of the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

Full time scores from Sunday’s Premier League Games.

Chelsea 2 Blackburn 1,
Everton 3 Newcastle 1, Manchester City 3 QPR 2,
Norwich 2 Aston Villa 0,
Stoke 2 Bolton 2
Sunderland 0 Manchester United 1,
Swansea 1 Liverpool 0,
Tottenham 2 Fulham 0
West Brom 2 Arsenal 3,
Wigan 3 Wolves 2.

Barclays Premier League Final Point Standings
Man City 89
Man Utd 89
Arsenal 70
Tottenham 69
Newcastle 65
Chelsea 64
Everton 56
Liverpool 52
Fulham 52
West Brom 47
Swansea 47
Norwich 47
Sunderland 45
Stoke 45
Wigan 43
Aston Villa 38
QPR 37
Bolton 36
Blackburn 31
Wolverhampton 25

9 Replies to “Barclays Premier League Final Point Standings”

  1. Do not like Arsenal. Do not like Manchester City. Although both are excellent teams and congratulations to them.

    How do I find out who will be part of Barclay’s next time around? For example, I understand Blackburn Rovers will not be. Also, when will the season start again?

    Love soccer. Simply do not understand why it is not more popular.

  2. Bolton, Blackburn and Wolverhampton are all relegated, while Reading and Southampton have already been promoted.

    However, the playoff between West Ham and Blackpool will determine which will be the next team to join them in the EPL next season. The season normally begins in August.

    Hope this helps

  3. Thanks so much for your reply. That was very helpful.

    Hope you have a pleasant evening.

  4. Do not let foreign ownership get rid of promotion relegation. It would take the fun out of a wonderful league.

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