LONDON (Sporting Alert) — The Barclays Premier League late season are bringing lots of excitements, with teams from both ends of the table digging in for favourable results.

With the league’s two front runners inactive until their big Manchester derby on Monday night, the focus was on those still hunting Champions League spots and of course those who are battling for survival.

So after Sunday night’s set of matches, the table still sees Manchester United leading with 83 points, with rivals Manchester City three points behind in second place.

Arsenal, despite tying at Stoke City on Saturday, are still third with 66 points, while Tottenham, which have a game in hand on Arsenal are fourth with 62 points.

Spurs also beat Blackburn on Sunday to move up the chart.

Newcastle United, which were stunned by a fighting Wigan are fifth with Chelsea back in sixth place.

The top ten is completed by Everton (51), Liverpool (49) , Fulham (46) and West Brom (46).

At the bottom of the table, Wolves, which are already relegated – are only on 24 points, while Blackburn are 19th on 31 points and Bolton are 18th with 34.

Barclays Premier League Table Standings

Manchester United 83
Manchester City 80
Arsenal 66
Tottenham 62
Newcastle 62
Chelsea 61
Everton 51
Liverpool 49
Fulham 46
West Brom 46
Sunderland 45
Swansea 44
Norwich 43
Stoke 43
Aston Villa 37
Wigan 37
QPR 34
Bolton 34
Blackburn 31
Wolverhampton 24


  1. geoffrex sengiyunva

    Manchester united will win this derby because it has the advantage of leading the table.

  2. Shumba Ngon

    chelsea have been playing fantastic game considering their last few matches.Thus far, chelsea will make it!

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