Bolt: I would never say Games are rubbish; brave Roach delivers

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GLASGOW, Scotland (SportingAlert) — Usain Bolt anchored Jamaica into the 4x100m final at the Commonwealth Games before taking the time to clear the air about the ongoing comments he supposedly made during an interview with The Times.

The world record holder ran the anchor leg on Jamaica’s 38.99 seconds heat winning quartet on Friday and then talked to the media about the reports which claiming that he says the Commonwealth Games were rubbish.

“I would never say that the Games are rubbish,” Bolt told BBC One. “I would never say something like that.

“When I come to the games, I always look forward to it.”

Asked if he was worried about the reception he would have gotten following the media reports, the Jamaican six-time Olympic champions spoke confidently.

“I was never worried about the reception tonight,” he said. “I am all about the fans and for me this was dream. I am happy.”

He added: “I didn’t want to say anything else about the games or the reports because the last time I said something it turned out worst for me so I wanted to just wait until the right time to have my say.

“My week has been good and the people have been extra nice. I have been taking lots of pictures and heard I got some cops in trouble.”

Bolt also commended his Jamaican teammate Kimmari Roach, who despite picking up a squad injury midway on his first leg, pushed through to get the baton around to his teammates.

Roach said he knew he had to continue to get the baton around to Bolt because the crowd expected to see the big man on show.

“I looked round and thought something was wrong,” Bolt said. “I was kind of worried but Kimmari Roach got the baton around and that is sign of a true champion.

“My coach always taught us to run with pain.”

Meawnhile, Trinidad and Tobago are the fastest team heading into the final of the 4x100m, after winning their heat in 38.33secs. Canada (38.41) and Bahamas (38.52) are the other top qualifiers.

Jamaica, though are expected to strengthen for the final, with 100m champion Kemar Bailey-Cole and Jason Livermore to join the squad on Saturday.

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