Boston Celtics “not a good team right now”

BOSTON (Sporting Alert) — Celtics head coach Doc Rivers has warned not to expect too much, at least not right now from his team, claiming that Boston at the moment is just not good enough.

The Boston Celtics (12-12) suffered a 100-89 defeat at the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night, its third defeat in a row and Rivers is hoping his team will start getting things right soon.

“We’re going to keep searching, this team is not a good team right now,” Rivers said, according to the Boston Globe. “It’s who we are right now.

“I’ve been saying that. This is who we are. We’re a .500 team and we play like that. We’ve won two games in a row [once this] season. Right now we’re not a good team. We’re going to find it, but we’re not right now.”

Boston, which started its road trip with a 12-9 record, suffered a 101-89 defeat to the  Houston Rockets, 103-88 against San Antonio, before the defeat to the Chicago Bulls to drop all three games away from home.

The Celtics were also losing for the fifth time in eight games in December.

Rivers’ team returns home on Wednesday night where it will face Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, which have won just two games on the road.

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