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Christopher Taylor of Calabar High School to shine again at Champs 2016

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Sporting Alert – After breaking the Class Two boys 400m record in the heats on Tuesday’s opening day at Champs 2016 in Jamaica, Christopher Taylor will return to the track on Wednesday.

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The Calabar standout sprinter will race in the qualifiers of the 200m where he could also target that record as well.

Taylor, like he was in the 400m last night, will again race in the first heat and he could take down the 20.89 seconds record, set by former Calabar sprinter Ramone McKenzie in 2007.

After breaking the 400m record with a smart 46.33 seconds Tuesday night, erasing the old mark of 46.64 by Devaughn Baker, set in 2013, Taylor revealed that it was always the plan to get the mark out the way.

“The plan was to break the record and take it out of the way (from the heats) and to get all the pressure out of the way,” he confirmed.

Meanwhile, teams chasing both the boys and girls title this year will go in search of valuable points on Wednesday, as there are six finals on the day two schedule.

Defending champions Calabar and Edwin Allen are both favourites to retain their respective team titles and they will be hoping to get off the mark on day two.

The action on Wednesday will get going at 8:30 am, with the preliminary rounds of the class four girls long jump, class one girls shot put, the boys class one discus throw. The first event in the boys open the decathlon will also go off at 8:30 as well.

Minutes later, the class three girls high jump preliminaries will start at 8:35.

The First event on the track is scheduled to go off at 8:45 am with the opening rounds of the boys and girls 800m, while Champs 2016 first final on day two will be the class two boys long jump.


8:30 AM Girls 10-12 Long Jump CLASS 4 Prelims
8:30 AM Girls 17-18 Shot Put CLASS 1 Prelims
8:30 AM Boys 16-19 Discus Throw CLASS 1 BOYS Prelims
8:30 AM Decathlon: #1 Boys 14-19 100 Meter Run Finals
8:35 AM Girls 13-14 High Jump CLASS 3 Prelims
8:45 AM Girls 13-14 800 Meter Run CLASS 3 Prelims
9:15 AM Boys 10-13 800 Meter Run CLASS 3 BOYS Prelims
9:55 AM Girls 15-16 800 Meter Run CLASS 2 Prelims
10:20 AM Boys 14-15 800 Meter Run CLASS 2 BOYS Prelims
11:00 AM Girls 17-18 800 Meter Run CLASS 1 Prelims
11:05 AM Decathlon: #2 Boys 14-19 Long Jump Finals
11:15 AM Boys 16-19 800 Meter Run CLASS 1 BOYS Prelims
1:30 PM Girls 13-14 Discus Throw CLASS 3 Prelims
1:30 PM Girls 15-16 High Jump CLASS 2 Prelims
1:35 PM Girls 10-12 200 Meter Dash CLASS 4 Prelims
2:10 PM Girls 13-14 200 Meter Dash CLASS 3 Prelims
2:50 PM Boys 10-13 200 Meter Dash CLASS 3 BOYS Prelims
3:00 PM Decathlon: #3 Boys 14-19 Shot Put Finals
3:05 PM Boys 14-15 Long Jump CLASS 2 BOYS Finals
3:25 PM Girls 15-16 200 Meter Dash CLASS 2 Prelims
3:35 PM Boys 10-13 High Jump CLASS 3 BOYS Prelims
4:10 PM Boys 14-15 200 Meter Dash CLASS 2 BOYS Prelims
4:45 PM Girls 17-18 200 Meter Dash CLASS 1 Prelims
5:05 PM Girls 17-18 Discus Throw CLASS 1 Finals
5:10 PM Boys 16-19 200 Meter Dash CLASS 1 BOYS Prelims
5:30 PM Girls 15-16 Shot Put CLASS 2 Finals
5:40 PM Decathlon: #4 Boys 14-19 High Jump Finals
5:45 PM Girls 13-19 400 Meter Hurdles OPEN Prelims
5:50 PM Boys 16-19 Long Jump CLASS 1 BOYS Finals
6:00 PM Boys 14-19 400 Meter Hurdles OPEN Prelims
6:25 PM Girls 10-12 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 4 Prelims
6:50 PM Girls 13-14 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 3 Prelims
7:10 PM Boys 10-13 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 3 BOYS Prelims
7:35 PM Girls 15-16 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 2 Prelims
8:00 PM Boys 14-15 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 2 BOYS Prelims
8:20 PM Girls 17-18 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 1 Prelims
8:40 PM Boys 16-19 4×100 Meter Relay CLASS 1 BOYS Prelims
9:00 PM Decathlon: #5 Boys 14-19 400 Meter Dash Finals
9:20 PM Girls 13-19 2000 Meter Steeplechase OPEN Finals
9:30 PM Boys 14-19 2000 Meter Steeplechase OPEN Finals

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