Brad Stevens not set on Boston’s starting lineup

BOSTON (Sporting Alert) — New Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said he is still not set on his starting lineup and will be using this week’s preseason games to take a look at his entire squad.

The Celtics will take the Toronto Raptors on Monday night in the first of the four exhibition games on the schedule this week.

“I just told the guys, and I told you guys this yesterday, we’re going to be tinkering with lineups quite a bit,” Stevens said after Boston’s practice Sunday afternoon.

“I don’t know what we’ll do in games 2, 3 and 4, but I’m guessing we will not start the same lineup. I’m guessing we’ll really shift things around.”

He added: “You can look into it as much as you want, but I would say it’s more of we’re just looking for, ‘Hey, this combination might be something we’re interested in.

“This bench combination might be something we’re interested in.’

“The first unit, the second unit, one thing I’ll probably try to do is put some guys together who I think may fit together better, whether that means they end up starting or they come off the bench, I think that’s to be determined,” he added.


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