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College Football Playoff Rankings Top 25

BREAKING: Washington Replaces Texas A&M In CFP Top 4

NEW YORK, Sporting Alert – Washington moves into the top 4 of the College Football Playoff rankings in Week 2, the selection committee announced on Tuesday night, but Alabama remains No. 1.

The unbeaten Huskies (9-0) crushed California 66-27 over the weekend to prove to the voters, Texas A&M shockingly suffered its second loss of the season at the weekend.

In the meantime, the Crimson Tide (9-0) stayed at in the No. 1 position after fighting to a competitive 10-0 victory over LSU in an all defensive battle last Saturday.

Clemson stayed at No. 2 this week with Michigan coming in at No. 3.

Joining the top four in Week 2 of the College Football Playoff rankings is Washington, which moved up a spot to No. 4.

Ohio State is also up one spot to No. 5, with Louisville coming in at No. 6.

After losing to Mississippi State at the weekend, Texas A&M fell four spots to No. 8 this week, with Wisconsin just above them at No. 7.

Auburn struggled a bit against Vanderbilt in a 23-16 victory on Saturday but kept pace at No. 9.

Meanwhile, Penn State continues to impress this season and it improved two places to No. 10 this week in the rankings.

Oklahoma, at No. 11 is joined by Colorado, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech and Utah in the top 15.

West Virginia (7-1), North Carolina (7-2), Florida State (6-3), Nebraska (7-2) and one the two newcomers, USC (6-3) are 16 through 20.

The rest of the top 25 is completed by 21 Western Michigan (9-0), Boise State (8-1), Washington State (7-2), LSU (5-3) and this week’s newcomer Arkansas (6-3).

Florida and Baylor are the teams falling out of the rankings this week.

College Football Playoff rankings
Week 2, Tuesday, November 8

1 Alabama (9-0)
2 Clemson (9-0)
3 Michigan (9-0)
4 Washington (9-0)
5 Ohio State (8-1)
6 Louisville (8-1)
7 Wisconsin (7-2)
8 Texas A&M (7-2)
9 Auburn (7-2)
10 Penn State (7-2)
11 Oklahoma (7-2)
12 Colorado (7-2)
13 Oklahoma State (7-2)
14 Virginia Tech (7-2)
15 Utah (7-2)
16 West Virginia (7-1)
17 North Carolina (7-2
18 Florida State (6-3)
19 Nebraska (7-2)
20 USC (6-3)
21 Western Michigan (9-0)
22 Boise State (8-1)
23 Washington State (7-2)
24 LSU (5-3)
25 Arkansas (6-3)

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