Carl Lewis says Usain Bolt still has work to do

(Sporting Alert) — American and Olympic sprint legendary Carl Lewis isn’t quite convinced that Usain Bolt is truly as great as everyone is preaching and claimed that he wants to see what happen a few years from now.

Bolt, the world record holder over both the 100m and 200m dashes, set a new Olympic record and the second fastest time ever in defending his Olympic title with a 9.63 seconds performances in London on Sunday night and silenced his critics.

Bolt’s achievement also saw him joining Lewis as only the second man to repeat such a feat, and while the American praised the Jamaican gold medal outing, he said that the 25-year-old has to continued to excel at the highest level to enhance his legacy.

“He was an Olympic champion last night. He repeats and he’s tremendous and he’s the second person to do it and congratulations,” he told CNN-IBN.

“The thing for me, what I really admire about anyone, is longevity. We still have to have the longevity and dominance through the era because for me performance-wise, you really have to put longevity in.

“I’m really not trying to take anything away from his [Bolt’s] performance because it was tremendous, but you’ve got to see the consistency over a period of time because as of now it’s just a four-year period and you really have to see a continuous dominance. We’ll see.”

He added: “You know, time and history defines it. We can’t define it when we’re in it. You have to be able to look back on it.

“And that’s the great thing about Jesse Owens; because here we are 76 years later and we’re still talking about Jesse Owens.”


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