College Football Playoff Rankings

College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings on Dec 1

TULSA, OK, Sporting Alert – Clemson is still No. 1 and Alabama remained No. 2 in the latest College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings, released on Tuesday night.

Oklahoma sits No. 3, with Iowa rounding out the top four again this week, at No. 4.

Clemson (12-0) and Alabama (11-1) head into their respective conference championship games this weekend needing victories to cement their playoff spots, as the selection committee continues to reward them for the body of work they’ve done.

It also looks like the Sooners (11-1) are safely into the top four, given that the college football playoff selection committee kept them at No. 3 with no more games left on their schedule.

Michigan State is No. 5 this week, with defending champion Ohio State improving two spots to No. 6.

Oklahoma looks well set to earn a place in the College Football Playoff, while the winner of Michigan State vs Iowa matchup in the Big Ten Championship Game is also off to the CFP.

However, there are those who still believe that Ohio State is still in the mix, despite them sitting at No. 6.

I think they are done and probably should focus on another Bowl game this season.

Meanwhile, the latest college football playoff top 25 rankings see Stanford (10-2), Notre Dame (10-2), Florida State (10-2) and North Carolina (11-1) rounding out the top 10.

TCU, Baylor, Ole Miss, Northwestern and Michigan completed the top 15 this week.

Houston (No. 19), LSU (No. 21), USC (No. 20) and Tennessee (No. 25) make a return to the CFP top 25 rankings this week.

Washington State 20, Mississippi State 21, UCLA 22 and Toledo 24 were the four teams falling out of the rankings this week.

College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings
Wednesday, December 1

1 Clemson 12-0
2 Alabama 11-1
3 Oklahoma 11-1
4 Iowa 12-0
5 Michigan State 11-1
6 Ohio State 11-1
7 Stanford 10-2
8 Notre Dame 10-2
9 Florida State 10-2
10 North Carolina 11-1
11 TCU 10-2
12 Baylor 9-2
13 Ole Miss 9-3
14 Northwestern 10-2
15 Michigan 9-3
16 Oregon 9-3
17 Oklahoma State 10-2
18 Florida 10-2
19 Houston 11-1
20 USC 8-4
21 LSU 8-3
22 Temple 10-2
23 Navy 9-2
24 Utah 9-3
25 Tennessee 8-4

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