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College Football Rankings For Week 7: Four Newbies – Oct. 8

MIAMI, FL, Sporting Alert — The 2017 college football rankings for Week 7, with Oklahoma slipping nine places and four new teams entered the poll on Sunday (8).

As expected, Alabama and Clemson retained the No. 1 and No. 2 places in the rankings in Week 7.

The Crimson Tide (6-0) received 43 first-place votes for 1,507 points, following the 24-19 victory at Texas A&M on Saturday.

Clemson Tigers (6-0) collected 18 first-place votes for 1,481 points after the 28-14 victory over Wake Forest on Saturday.

Penn State moved up one spot to No. 3, while Georgia and Washington also jumped one place to complete the Top 5.

TCU comes in at No. 6 and is followed by Wisconsin, Washington State, Ohio State and Auburn in the Top 10.

Meanwhile, after losing 38-31 at home to Iowa State over the weekend, Oklahoma slipped nine spots from No. 3 to 12th in the college football rankings for Week 7.

Next up for the Sooners is a home game against Texas this coming weekend.

Miami moves up two places to No. 11 after the thrilling 24-20 win over Florida State, while USC comes in at No. 13 and is followed by Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech in the Top 15.

Michigan, after the shocking upset at home to state rival Michigan State, dropped 10 slots and is the biggest dipper in Week 7.

The Wolverines is now No. 17, just below Notre Dame, which climbed five places in the rankings this week.

South Florida, San Diego State and improving North Carolina State rounded out the Top 20.

Michigan State, at No. 21 is among the four newcomers in the college football rankings for Week 7.

Stanford, at No. 23, Texas Tech No. 24 and Navy No. 25 are the other teams entering the rankings for the first time.

UCF finished the Top 25 at No. 22 after jumping three spots.

Decliners Louisville (17), Utah (20), Florida (21) and West Virginia (23) are the teams making way in the poll.

AP College Football Rankings For Week 7

1. Alabama (43)
2. Clemson (18)
3. Penn State
4. Georgia
5. Washington
6. TCU
7. Wisconsin
8. Washington State
9. Ohio State
10. Auburn
11. Miami
12. Oklahoma
13. USC
14. Oklahoma State
15. Virginia Tech
16. Notre Dame
17. Michigan
18. USF
19. San Diego State
20. NC State
21. Michigan State
22. UCF
23. Stanford
24. Texas Tech
25. Navy

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