Colorado coach Deion Sanders weighing foot amputation


Colorado coach Deion Sanders was told blood flow issues in his left foot could force surgeons to consider amputation.

Dr. Donald Jacobs informed Sanders in a meeting that included CU medical staff that “he could lose the foot.” Sanders has no feeling at the bottom of the foot and already underwent surgery to amputate two toes because of blood clotting.

“You just have to understand what the risks are,” Jacobs said. “Things can cascade.”

The meeting with Jacobs was recorded as part of “The Pregame Show,” a YouTube channel documenting Sanders’ first season at Colorado. Another surgeon told Sanders the blood pressure in his foot was just two-thirds what was measured in his arm.

Dr. Ken Hunt explained to Sanders that he has only one artery pushing blood to his foot instead of three.

“Those arteries have shut down,” he said.

Sanders said in the meeting that he hasn’t determined what to do and wanted time to understand his options.

“I just want to know what we can do. Because I want to do it this summer. Because, when we get rolling, I’m not going to have time to do it,” Sanders said.

Sanders underwent multiple surgeries in 2021 and missed three games during his time as the head coach at Jackson State. He returned to the sidelines coaching from a wheelchair and later with the use of a custom scooter.

–Field Level Media

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