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Dec. 14 NBA scores, record and NBA standings

MIAMI, FL (Sporting Alert) — The following is a list of NBA scores and results that took place in the league on Saturday. Also the NBA standings and records following those list of games.

NBA Updated Standings

LeBron James took care of business at the AmericanAirlines Arena, leading three Miami players who went past 20 points as the Heat defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 114-107.

James, in the end, finished with 25 points, nine assists and nine rebounds, while Chris Bosh ended with 22 points and 12 boards and Dwyane Wade added 24 points and six rebounds in the victory.

In other NBA scores Saturday night, Kobe Bryant scored a season hight 21 points and led the Lakers to an 88-85 victory over Charlotte, Chris Paul scored 38 points and dished out 12 assists and the LA Clippers scored a 113-97 victory over Washington.

In another score, the Portland Trail Blazers (20-4) sealed its 20th victory of the season after beating Philadelphia (7-18), 139-105, with LaMarcus Aldridge leading the way with 20 points and 16 rebounds.

NBA Updated Standings

NBA Scores on December 14

Portland Trail Blazers 139 (20-4), Philadelphia 76ers 105 (7-18)
San Antonio Spurs 100 (19-4), Utah Jazz 84 (6-20)
Miami Heat 114 (17-6), Cleveland Cavaliers 107 (9-14)
Los Angeles Clippers 113 (16-9), Washington Wizards 97 (9-13)
Dallas Mavericks 106 (14-10), Milwaukee Bucks 93 (5-19)
Los Angeles Lakers 88 (11-12), Charlotte Bobcats 85 (10-14)
Toronto Raptors 99 (9-13), Chicago Bulls 77 (9-13)
New York Knicks 111 (7-16), Atlanta Hawks 106 (12-12)

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