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Deion Sanders: ‘Really bad’ clot removed from leg


Deion Sanders said Saturday that he had multiple blood clots removed during surgery the day before, including a “really bad” one that surgeons removed from his left thigh.

Sanders, 55, also said he expects to be out of the hospital Sunday. The Colorado head coach gave the updates in a series of social media posts on different platforms.

“I had a big blood clot in my thigh that they got out, and I had some below my knee that they got out,” Sanders said in an Instagram post Saturday. “Then I’ve got one in the right leg that they’re going to get soon.”

It’s unclear exactly how many clots were removed, but Sanders said the one taken from his left thigh was the most significant.

“That was the one that was doing the most damage,” he said in a video that was posted by his son Deion Jr. to YouTube.

Sanders had the surgery Friday.

Sanders underwent multiple surgeries in 2021 and missed three games during his time as the head coach at Jackson State. He returned to the sidelines coaching from a wheelchair and later with the use of a custom scooter.

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