Derrick Rose works with team on Wednesday in Orlando


ORLANDO (Sporting Alert) – Derrick Rose took a step closer to return from injury after he took part in the Chicago Bulls team work on Wednesday.

Rose, who has been doing several non-contact drills in sessions in the past few weeks, has participated with his teammates in road session for first since tearing his ACL in late April.

“It’s good,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said, ahead of his team’s game at the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night.

“He’s been around the whole time. You guys don’t see him as much as everyone else does, the team does, I should say.

“So I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It’s the next step in the progression for him. He’s getting up to speed with everything offensively, defensively, his teammates.

“It’s just the next step, and he’s got to continue the things that he’s been doing and the team has to continue to focus on our improvement and our opponent and then at some point he’ll be ready to go.

“But he still has some time to go, everyone has to be patient, but it’s good to have him around.”

Rose is still involved in some rehab sessions and expected to be out for about six weeks, so Thibodeau will not commit to a return date for his All-Star guard.

“It’s when he’s ready,” Thibodeau said of rose injury return date. “So that’s not anything that has changed from the start of the season, it’s when he’s ready.

“It’s not going to be sooner, later, ‘this is the target date,’ it’s just when he’s ready. So he’s doing practice, the predictable contact in practice, the next step will be regular practice, then he has to be able to go through regular practice for a while. And then, if everything goes well, then he plays.

“But there’s no time schedule so it’s everything according to plan. It’s just the next step. There’s several steps he has to go through.

“There’s several more that he has to go through — so everything’s going well, nothing has changed.”

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