Dwight Howard looking for Lakers exit?

HOUSTON (Sporting Alert) — Dwight Howard has once again put uncertainties his future with the Los Angeles Lakers after declining to commit to the NBA club past this season.

Howard’s future with the Lakers has been in question all season, with several reports claiming Los Angeles, is looking to replace him before the trade deadline, despite only signing him at the beginning of the season.

However, the former Orlando Magic center has dismissed those reports, and stated that they are just rumours created to try and unsettled the Lakers.

Still, he is unwilling to commit to the club.

“The only thing that matters is the present, and right now,” Howard said, according ESPN.com

“There’s no need to talk about what’s going to happen at the end of the season. No reason to go back and forth about it.

“I just feel like at the end of the year, I should have my opportunity to make my own decision. I shouldn’t be criticized for waiting for the end of the year.”

It is understood that the Lakers are still struggling to entertain Howard, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol on the floor together.

Gasol has been growing increasingly frustrated with Mike D’Antoni’s unwillingness to start him and is looking for a way out.

The Lakers, though, would rather hold on to forward and more Howard, but no one wants to take the injury-prone center off their hands.

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