Dwight Howard staying put with the Lakers

dwight howard

Dwight Howard of Lakers

LOS ANGELES (Sporting Alert) – Dwight Howard says he’s expecting to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers next season, even though he will be a free agent at the end of this term.

Howard signed for the Lakers from the Orlando Magic last summer in an attempt to “win championships.”

However, things haven’t gotten off the best of starts in his Lakers career just yet, which has led to numerous reports suggesting that he could leave next summer should things fall apart.

Howard, though, dismissed those claims – and although not coming right out with saying where he will play next season, the big center did revealed that “I know” where I’ll be.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Howard has no desire at the moment to leave the Lakers and he brushed aside reports that he has been struggling to work with the club star player Kobe Bryant.

When asked about him not being able to “coexist” with Bryant, Howard asked: “Why can’t we coexist?. Because we’re opposites?

“I thought opposites attract.”

He added via the LA Times: “You know why we can play well together? Kobe knows how hard I work and that I’m all about championships.

“We’re also entertainers, and for the two hours and 20 minutes that people come to a game they want to be entertained.”

The Lakers have been struggling to get its season off the ground under head coach Mike D’Antoni and Howard knows he has to play his part in helping to take the pressure off the under fire coach.

The 6-11 eight-year pro is scoring well and rebounding excellently as usual, but is having a nightmare of a time at the free throw line, something he vows to fix.

He says he wants to improve his season percentage to 80-percent.

That’s a massive step up.

Still, Howard, who is currently shooting 48.8, percent believes “80%,” is achievable.

He revealed: “I dream big, and my dreams come true.”

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