MANCHESTER (Sporting Alert) — Manchester City have cut the lead of Manchester United at the top of the Barclays Premier League to five-points, following the game which took place in midweek.

Defending champions Manchester United are on 79 points in the Barclays Premier League table standings and they lead Manchester City, which have 74 points.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s men had an eight-point lead, but were defeated by the relegated battling Wigan, while City cruised past West Bromwich 4-0 on the same day.

Arsenal (64 points) are in third-place and they moved five points ahead of Tottenham and Newcastle, who are on 59 points each. Chelsea are sixth with 57 points, while the top-ten list is completed by Everton (47), Liverpool (46), Fulham (46) and Norwich (46).

Wigan (31) pulled out of the red zone with the win over Manchester United, while are still battling for Premier League survival alongside Wolves (22), Blackburn (28) Bolton (29) and QPR (31).

English Premier League Standings

Manchester United 79
Manchester City 74
Arsenal 64
Tottenham 59
Newcastle 59
Chelsea 57
Everton 47
Liverpool 46
Fulham 43
Norwich 43
Sunderland 42
Stoke 42
West Bromwich 39
Swansea 39
Aston Villa 35
QPR 31
Wigan 31
Bolton 29
Blackburn 28


James Anderson is a major football contributor for SportingAlert. Covers events from the teams in London, including Chelsea and Arsenal.


  1. Joseph Olagunju

    It appears Alex Ferguson’s men always falls for lowly-rated teams at critical moments. While one is trying to recover from the shock of the defeat his team suffered in the hands of Blackburn Rovers at Old Trafford, Wigan’s own followed mid-week. I am very upset. Sir Alex Ferguson should do something to reverse this trend or the dream of winning the 20th Premier shield might slip away.

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