EPL vs La Liga: Real Madrid vs Manchester United; CL Feb. 13 Fixtures

EPL vs La Liga: Ronaldo Faces Former Club And Promises To Knock Them Out Of The Champions League

MADRID (Sporting Alert) — There are two Champions League last 16 games on for Wednesday with the Real Madrid vs Manchester United clash expected to get most of the attention.

There have been many talks about the strength of La Liga and EPL sides in Europe and so this clash, involving two of the best teams in their respective leagues, sets up something special.

“We’ve all been waiting for this match and we want to put on a great show,” Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho said ahead of the game.

Real Madrid have had its problems this season, but for the most part are always solid at home, which sees several pundits backing them to beat Manchester United in the first leg of this Champions League fixture.

Only Barcelona have managed to beat Mourinho’s men at home this season, but Sir Alex Ferguson side has even bigger problems heading into the contest and that is, “Real Madrid are unbeaten against Manchester United in the Santiago Bernabéu.”

In the four meetings in Madrid, the Spanish La Liga side has two wins (3-1 and 3-1) and two draws (3-3 and 0-0).

The game is set up as a Cristiano Ronaldo vs Wayne Rooney matchup and this could be true, but certainly there has to be more secondary highlights, especially with the form Robin van Persie is currently in.

Also playing in the Champions League last 16 on Wednesday are Borussia Dortmund and Shakhtar.

Borussia Dortmund came through a very difficult group, which had also included EPL side Manchester City and Real Madrid and finished on top.

Those performances have opened the eyes of football fans outside of German and turn them into believers.

Wednesday clash with Shakhtar, though expected to be in the shadow of the Manchester United at Real Madrid contest, will still present something for Champions League supporters to look forward to.

Champions League Fixture – Feb. 13

Shakhtar vs Borussia Dortmund
Real Madrid vs Manchester United

Reporting by WALTER-HOYOS

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