TEXAS, Sporting Alert – Sitting at the top of the ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings in Week 11 are the two undefeated teams, the Patriots and the Panthers.

While New England (9-0) stayed No. 1 with its close 27-26 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday, Cam Newton and Carolina jumped one place to No. 2, following the 27-10 win over the Titans.

The Panthers bumped Cincinnati (8-1) from No. 2 after the Bengals dropped its first game of the season – going down 10-6 to the Texans in Monday Night Football.

Arizona Cardinals (7-2), following their somewhat surprising win over the Seahawks, moved three places up the ladder to No. 3 and they are followed by the Bengals and the Vikings (7-2) who complete the top five.

It seems, though, that the focus of the attention in this week’s NFL Power Rankings is on the AFC wild-card race.

The Kansas City Chiefs (4-5), fresh off their 29-13 win over the Denver Broncos, are making headway up the rankings after winning three straight.

This week they moved four places up the rankings, which is a great sign for Andy Reid and his staff, given that the Chiefs are without leading running back Jamaal Charles, who is out for the rest of the season.

At the moment, Kansas City is currently one of seven teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and the Miami Dolphins and the AFC South runner-up — apparently battling for two AFC wild-card spots.

According to the ESPN’s Power Panel, the Steelers, who are 6-4, are currently holding the highest spot at the moment, but things can change very quickly.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis Rams (4-5) were the heaviest dippers in the NFL Power Rankings for Week 11, after they fell out of the top 10 and slipped 11 places to No. 21.

The Washington Redskins (4-5) were the hottest movers up the rankings this week after climbing six spots to No. 20.

ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings in Week 11
Tuesday, November 17

1 Patriots (9-0)
2 Panthers (9-0)
3 Cardinals (7-2)
4 Bengals (8-1)
5 Vikings (7-2)
6 Packers (6-3)
7 Broncos (7-2)
8 Falcons (6-3)
9 Steelers (6-4)
10 Giants (5-5)
11 Seahawks (4-5)
12 Bills (5-4)
13 Jets (5-4)
14 Raiders (4-5)
15 Chiefs (4-5)
16 Bears (4-5)
17 Colts (4-5)
18 Dolphins (4-5)
19 Eagles (4-5)
20 Redskins (4-5)
21 Rams (4-5)
22 Texans (4-5)
23 Buccaneers (4-5)
24 Saints (4-6)
25 Titans (2-7)
26 Jaguars (3-6)
27 Cowboys (2-7)
28 Chargers (2-7)
29 Ravens (2-7)
30 Lions (2-7)
31 49ers (3-6)
32 Browns (2-8)

Complete Power Rankings At ESPN.com


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