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ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings Week 6 Release On Oct. 13

TEXAS, Sporting Alert – Week 6 of the ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings has been released and, as expected, the New England Patriots remain the No. 1 team on the list.

Quarterback Tom Brady continued his dominant performance in Week 5 against the Dallas Cowboys as the Patriots (4-0) remain undefeated and to be honest, untested this season thus far.

Leading the NFL in passing yards, at 331.2, sitting second in points per game, at 37.2 and seventh with points allowed, at 19.0, New England looks like a complete setup.

In fact, out of all the undefeated teams left in the league this season, the defending Super Bowl champions look like the team which is most likely to keep things perfect for the entire season.

Brady has so far thrown 11 touchdown passes for 1,387 yards without an interception through four games, while collecting a 71.8 QBR.

Aaron Rodgers’ long and impressive streak without throwing an interception at home is now over, but it didn’t stop the Green Bay Packers (5-0) from picking up another win on Sunday and extended its home winning streak to 12 straight games (including playoffs).

Green Bay stayed No. 2 in this week’s power rankings.

There is a new No. 3 though, as the Atlanta Falcons (5-0) have been rewarded with a three place jump for being one of the “big winners” in Week 5.

The NFC South leaders showed true versatility in their comeback 25-19 overtime victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday, while showing that its defense can contribute on offense as well.

Denver Broncos (5-0) slipped one spot to No. 3, the Cincinnati Bengals (5-0), who have won its opening five games of the season for the third time in franchise history, sitting at No. 4.

Could this be a Super Bowl year for coach Marvin Lewis team?

Let’s not forget, as reminded by ESPN Stats and Info and well documented in the NFL power rankings this week, that the last time the Bengals opened its season at 5-0, in 1988, they went on to make the Super Bowl before losing 20-16 to the San Francisco 49ers.

This week’s biggest jumpers in the ESPN NFL Power Rankings were the Philadelphia Eagles (2-3), who after getting things together on offense in Sunday’s win over the New Orleans Saints, are up seven slots to No. 15.

St. Louis Rams (2-3) are the biggest droppers – down six places to No. 17.

ESPN 2015 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

1 Patriots (4-0)
2 Packers (5-0)
3 Falcons (5-0)
4 Broncos (5-0)
5 Bengals (5-0)
6 Cardinals (4-1)
7 Panthers (4-0)
8 Seahawks (2-3)
9 Steelers (3-2)
10 Bills (3-2)
11 Jets (3-1)
12 Giants (3-2)
13 Colts (3-2)
14 Chargers (2-3)
15 Eagles (2-3)
16 Vikings (2-2)
17 Rams (2-3)
18 Cowboys (2-3)
19 Chiefs (1-4)
20 Browns (2-3)
21 Redskins (2-3)
22 Raiders (2-3)
23 Ravens (1-4)
24 Bears (2-3)
25 49ers (1-4)
26 Saints (1-4)
27 Titans (1-3)
28 Buccaneers (2-3)
29 Dolphins (1-3)
30 Texans (1-4)
31 Lions (0-5)
32 Jaguars (1-4)

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  1. 13 Oct computer comparison of SEASON records: 1. New England, 2. Atlanta, 3. Green Bay, 4. Cincinnati, 5. Arizona. The 32 team rankings fit to records (W, L, PF, PA) AND schedules like pieces of a puzzle:

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