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Live NCAA College Baseball Regional streaming on ESPN, ESPN3 and WatchESPN, with several top seeded teams in action on Saturday.

Among the highlighted teams in action are No. 1 seeds South Carolina, TCU, LSU and Oklahoma State, while several others are down for action as well.

Below is a list of games streaming line on,  in addition to several others from the ESPN broadcasting networks, such ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNEWS.

Earlier today, No.1 seeded Florida State were knocked off by second-seeded Alabama, and the 6-5 defeat saw their season coming to an end following the elimination game in the 2014 Tallahassee Regional.

Another top-seeded team Florida Gators were beaten 5-2 by second-seeded North Carolina in the NCAA Gainesville Regional.

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7:00 PM EDT #2 Texas Tech vs. #1 Miami (Site 10 / Game 4)
7:00 PM EDT #2 Mississippi State vs. #4 Jackson State (Site 13 / Game 4)
7:00 PM EDT #1 South Carolina vs. #2 Maryland (Site 15 / Game 4)
7:00 PM EDT #2 Long Beach State vs. #4 College of Charleston (Site 9 / Game 4)
8:00 PM EDT #1 TCU vs. #3 Sam Houston State (Site 12 / Game 4)
8:00 PM EDT #2 Oregon vs. #1 Vanderbilt (Site 7 / Game 4)
8:00 PM EDT #1 LSU vs. #2 Houston (Site 4 / Game 4)
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8:00 PM EDT #1 Oklahoma State vs. #3 Cal State Fullerton (Site 2/ Game 4)
8:00 PM EDT #2 Arkansas vs. #1 Virginia (Site 16 / Game 4)

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