Ex-girlfriend says Mario Balotelli only saw his baby via email

MANCHESTER (Sporting Alert) — The former ­girlfriend of Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli has claimed that the Italian wants nothing to do with her or even their little baby girl.

According to the Mirror, Raffaella Fico, the ex-girlfriend of Balotelli said the controversial striker has not offered to support her financially since their baby Pia was born earlier this month and she wants to public to know.

Fico added that she isn’t after any of £170,000-a-week Balotelli pockets from his Premier League employers Manchester City, and only wants even one to know just how immature and irresponsible the 22-year-old truly is.

“I have not had any economic help from Mr Balotelli,” Fico was quoted as saying in the Mirror on Thursday.

“He is worth more than da Vinci’s Mona Lisa but for his own daughter he hasn’t flashed a penny.

“I have not even had a call asking if I needed anything. I don’t need him or his money.”

Fico apparently claimed that Balotelli was not even at the hospital when the baby was born, and he’s only seen email pictures of the new born child.

The Mirror said: “The only people at the birth were my mother and brother and they recorded everything on a video camera.

“I sent Mario a text message at 3pm when the first contractions started and then again at 6.30pm when I went into the delivery room.

“I sent him another as soon as Pia had been born.”

The report added: “I said to him, ‘Mario, I’ve given birth’ and he just said, ‘Ah OK, I’m not bothered’, and he then put the phone down.

“I’ve not heard from him since. Mario’s not even bothered about seeing his daughter.”

Balotelli may not be in England for too long as reports have been heavily linked the Italian back to his native to feature for AC Milan. It is believed that Inter Milan and Juventus also wants him.

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