Fed-up Mancini drops Balotelli altogether, ready to sell in January


MANCHESTER (Sporting Alert) — Roberto Mancini has become frustrated with Mario Balotelli and decided to eliminate the hotheaded frontman from his Manchester City side altogether for today’s Premier League clash with Tottenham.

Balotelli has been inconsistent in both his form and attitude this season and a club member has confirmed that Mancini is finally fed-up with the Italian and thus, decided to leave him out for the game.

The pressure has been mounting on Mancini, especially with his side on the verge of being dumped once again from the Champions League and the manager, though the 22-year-old isn’t injured, apparently believes it would be more beneficial to axe the controversial striker.

It is being reported that Inter Milan, his former club, is interested in taking back Balotelli in the January transfer window and from all reports, Manchester City are willing to sell, as Mancini looks to raise funds to buy again.