FIFA U-17 World Cup: Round of 16 Live Stream on ESPN3

(Sporting Alert) — There are four games on in the knock out stages at the FIFA U-17 World Cup tournament on Monday, with South American powerhouses Brazil and Italy both in action.

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The round of 16 begins, following 36 games in the group stage.

The schedule
28 October vs. Round of 16

Italy vs. Mexico (Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Stadium, 9:00 AM EST)
Japan vs. Sweden (Sharjah, Sharjah Stadium, 9:00 AM EST)
Brazil vs. Russia (Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Stadium, 12:00 AM EST)
Honduras vs. Uzbekistan (Sharjah, Sharjah Stadium, 12:00 AM EST)

With the group games already done, teams now focus on getting it right on a first time asking in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah on Monday, as eight teams look to seal quarter-final places.

Brazil will meet Russia Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi at 20.00 local time, while Italy and Mexico face off at the same stadium later in the day at 20.00.

Japan and Sweden meet at Sharjah Stadium, while  it is Honduras vs Uzbekistan at the same venue at  20.00 local time.

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