Former Alabama star Darius Miles indicted on capital murder charges in tragic shooting


TUSCALOOSA, AL (March 10) – A grand jury in Tuscaloosa has indicted former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles on capital murder charges for the shooting death of Jamea Harris, a 23-year-old woman, in January.

Michael Davis, who is also charged in the death of Harris, was also indicted, according to defense lawyer Mary Turner, who represents Miles. The Tuscaloosa County District Attorney, Hays Webb, confirmed the indictments were issued on Wednesday.

Jamea Harris was sitting in a car when she was shot and killed. According to a police investigator’s testimony last month, Miles provided the handgun Davis allegedly used in the shooting. During the same court hearing, Miles’ lawyer, Turner, suggested that Miles was in a defensive posture when he told Davis where the gun was located.

However, prosecutors argue that there is ample evidence to pursue the capital murder charges. The shooting took place on “The Strip,” a district of bars and restaurants near the Tuscaloosa campus, after a verbal altercation between the two groups. The Turner Law Group, representing Miles, expressed disappointment in the decision to pursue the charges, citing weaknesses in the government’s case.

Miles was a reserve on the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team, but was removed from the team and campus after being charged in January. During a court hearing in February, Tuscaloosa Police investigator Brandon Culpepper testified that Miles texted Tide freshman basketball star Brandon Miller to bring him his gun.

Miller and another player, guard Jaden Bradley, were reportedly at the scene, but neither have been charged with anything. Miller and Bradley have continued to play for the fourth-ranked team in the country as they make their way through the Southeastern Conference Tournament and are likely to have a good seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

The mother of Jamea Harris expressed frustration over the focus on basketball instead of her daughter’s death. Harris was a mother of a 5-year-old son and was trying to have a night out with friends when she was killed.

“I want justice for my grandson,” said DeCarla Heard.

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