Frustrated David Villa unhappy with Barcelona situation, gets huge cheers off the bench

David Villa of Barcelona could be on his way out

VALLADOLID (Sporting Alert) — David Villa got a huge reception from both the Barcelona and Real Valladolid supporters, who acknowledged that the Spanish forward is too good to be sitting week-in-and-week-out on the bench.

Villa was once again left on the substitutes bench in Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Valladolid on Saturday and reports are that the former Valencia star man is growing more and more frustrated with his situation.

  • Villa to Swansea City?
  • Villa to Arseanal?
  • Villa to Liverpool?

“David Villa is a nice man who doesn’t like confrontation, but he is certainly looking for an improvement to his situation,” a source said.

“He’s still trying to figure out why he doesn’t get his fair share of time in the starting line-up and could be left with no other option, but to leave the club soon.”

Barcelona and Valladolid fans all joined to greet Villa with massive cheers upon his entrance to the pitch with less than 15-minutes to left in the game.

Alexis Sanchez, who once again struggled today to contribute anything significant on Saturday, was selected ahead of Villa, despite reports claiming that the Spaniard would have been given the nod this weekend.

Arsenal, Liverpool and Swansea City are all said to be interested in landing the proven goalscoring forward, with media reports even suggesting that two of those three teams would love to take him on loan in January until the rest of the season.

Reporting by WALTER-HOYOS

Walter Hoyos joins SportingAlert as contributor for Spanish football and the Spain national team. I like to travel, one of the favourite things on my list, but I also like to just spend time with family and friends when I am not covering football games. Hope to dump into some of my readers some day.

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