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Seven Games to Watch in the NFL 2014 Season

MIAMI, FL (SportingAlert) — As the hype of the NFL continues to increase, there are plenty of games to look for.

As a matter of fact, the NFL has a total of 256 regular season games, 16 from each team. An NFL regular season consists of 17 weeks of actions.

Aside from watching all the 16 games of an individual’s favorite team, there are seven NFL games that are considered to be worth viewing for.

1. Green Bay at Seattle September 4 8:30 pm

The Seattle Seahawks starts their journey as defending Super Bowl champions, playing at home against the Green Bay Packers. One of the things scrutinize is the defense, which was the key element last season, of the Seahawks.

How about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doing the damage on the road?

This is the time for the Packers to install the “swagger”, they used to possess when they won the “Super Bowl” in 2010. Packers’ defense needs to contain the offense of the Seahawks being led by quarterback Russell Wilson.

2. San Diego at Arizona September 8 10:20 pm

San Diego and Arizona, two of the hottest teams at the tail end of the 2013 season, will have a gigantic collision in a Monday Night Football. Expect for the very physical defense of the Cardinals to try to stop Philip Rivers offensive attacks.

3. San Francisco at Arizona September 18 4:05 pm FOX

Many experts believe that the Arizona Cardinals will have a special year and that they have the players to dethrone the Seahawks. Arizona coach Bruce Arians understands that Arizona has to get through the San Francisco 49ers, to be in the playoff. Last year, the Cardinals suffered that terrible defeat in the hands of the Niners. This game is an early test of who are the possible kings of the NFC West.

4. Denver at Seattle September 18 4:25 pm

All eyes are on the Seattle Seahawks, who won the Super Bowl 2014 over the Denver Broncos. This is a marquee NFL game because everybody wants to see the Broncos offense beating the Seahawks defense. Or probably the other way around, fans in the NFL like to see any weaknesses of the Super Bowl champs that other teams can exploit. Will this be a blowout? Remember, this is not in neutral field, instead at Seattle.

5. New Orleans at Detroit September 19 1:00 pm

If an NFL fan wants to see offensive showdown, then the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions game is the perfect fit. The high-powered offense of the Saints through Drew Brees will have to keep up with the offense of quarterback Matt Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

6. Denver at New England November 2 5:25 pm

The comparison of the greatest quarterbacks of the generation: Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. This is a litmus test for the Patriots if they have enough to sustain their campaign for the season. Expect a quarterback showdown between Manning and Brady.

7. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 2:00 pm CBS

This could be the game that determines the winner of the AFC North. In the past three years, the Cincinnati Bengals got the numbers over the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the Steelers are contenders this season and that they will challenge both the Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. How about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger anchoring the winning drive?

Honorable mentions…

New Orleans vs Dallas on September 25

San Francisco vs Denver on October 19

Atlanta vs Green Bay on December 4

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