Could Glazers really ask Sir Alex Ferguson to return?

There have been whispers circulating that Manchester United could be tempted to bring back the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, but this can’t be true, right.

Ferguson blessed current major David Moyes with his position at the end of a winning season last year, but the transition has not been too smooth for the former Everton boss, who sees his team struggling more than anything at home this term.

Now according to the Independent, the Glazer family has massive concerns over the stunning decline in the club’s form since Moyes took over in the summer and there is a “real danger that Glazers could ask Fergie to return.”

I don’t see that happening at all, but you never know, as if Manchester United’s carry on in this current situation, than the club owners will certainly make a change and just as they did with several “swing and miss” on big money players, they will cut their losses and move on with someone else.

No one wants to put the entire blame on Moyes for Man United sudden decline, but he was heavily criticized for breaking up one of the league’s most successful back room staff and his decision to let  former first-team coach Rene Meulensteen leave was perhaps his biggest mistake.

“The decline at Old Trafford has been sudden after years of continuity and I don’t blame Moyes for it. It may well prove to be the case that the job is too big for him, but he has not been given a fair chance to succeed,” John Giles wrote on

“Manchester United can no longer claim the kind of stability Alex Ferguson brought to the table and it is deeply ironic that it is his role in the unfolding drama which has done as much as anything else to undermine the very circumstances he fought so hard to preserve.”

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