How to watch 2021 NCAA Softball Super Regionals, schedule


The following is the schedule, matchups, game times and how to watch live streaming and TV broadcast of the 2021 NCAA Softball Super Regionals. The best of three game series tournament has been spread across the country, as the battle for College World Series places heats up.

Respective programs will battle in the Norman Super Regional, where No. 1 overall seed Oklahoma will take on No. 16 Washington, Baton Rouge Super Regional, Los Angeles Super Regional, Tuscaloosa Super Regional, Columbia Super Regional, Fayetteville Super Regional, Stillwater Super Regional, and Gainesville Super Regional.

Live television coverage will be on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ABC, while and the ESPN App will provide the online and mobile devices streaming coverage.

This year’s postseason softball tournaments have been quite exciting thus far and I believe that part of the contributing factor is due to last season’s championships being cut because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 NCAA Softball Super Regionals will begin on Thursday, May 27 and conclude on Saturday, May 29 (if a game three is necessary) in any of the best of three matchups.

Super Regionals

(Best of three)

Baton Rouge Super Regional: No. 7 LSU vs. No. 10 Florida State

Game 1: Thursday, 7 p.m., ESPN
Game 2: Friday, 7 p.m. ESPN2
Game 3: Saturday, 7 p.m., ESPN2 (if necessary)

Los Angeles Super Regional: No. 2 UCLA vs. Virginia Tech

Game 1: Thursday, 9:30 p.m., ESPN
Game 2: Friday, 9:30 p.m., ESPN2
Game 3: Saturday, 9:30 p.m., ESPN2 (if necessary)

Norman Super Regional: No. 1 Oklahoma vs. No. 16 Washington

Game 1: Friday, 3 p.m., ESPN2
Game 2: Saturday, 3 p.m., ABC
Game 3: Sunday, 4 p.m., ESPN (if necessary)

Tuscaloosa Super Regional: No. 3 Alabama vs. No. 14 Kentucky

Game 1: Friday, 1 p.m., ESPN2
Game 2: Saturday, 2 p.m., ESPN
Game 3: Sunday, 4 p.m., ESPNU (if necessary)

Columbia Super Regional: No. 8 Missouri vs. James Madison

Game 1: Friday, 9 p.m., ESPNU
Game 2: Saturday, 7 p.m., ESPNU
Game 3: Sunday, TBD (if necessary)

Fayetteville Super Regional: No. 6 Arkansas vs. No. 11 Arizona

Game 1: Friday, 7 p.m., ESPNU
Game 2: Saturday, 5 p.m., ESPN2
Game 3: Sunday, 9 p.m., ESPN2 (if necessary)

Stillwater Super Regional: No. 5 Oklahoma State vs. No. 12 Texas

Game 1: Friday, 5 p.m., ESPN2
Game 2: Saturday, 4 p.m., ESPN
Game 3: Sunday, 8 p.m., ESPNU (if necessary)

Gainesville Super Regional: No. 4 Florida vs. Georgia

Game 1: Friday, 5 p.m., ESPNU
Game 2: Saturday, 12 p.m., ESPN
Game 3: Sunday, 12 p.m., ESPN (if necessary)

Women’s College World Series

Thursday, June 3 to Wednesday, June 9

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