How to watch Jamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago football friendly?

Football friendly international live streaming coverage

Watch live streaming coverage of Jamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago in a friendly football international game between the two Caribbean rivals at Catherine Hall Sports Complex in Montego Bay, on Saturday, March 11.


Both teams will be using the game as part of their respective preparations for upcoming international fixtures, with head coach Heimir Hallgrimsson especially using this time to take a look at some of the players he would like to include in the squad for the future.

“It will be a mixture of both (local and overseas) but it is good to have players that know the tactical approach we will have. Having them on the pitch they can help guide the others in what we want to do,” Hallgrimsson said. 

“Of course, we would like to have a longer preparation but yesterday (Thursday) went well. Today we will get to prepare even better. The good thing is that we have been working with the guys in the local league here. They know what we want, what kind of football and our tactical approach, so hopefully it’s going to be a smooth game for us,” he added.

Hallgrimsson is bracing for a physical game.

“We expect them to be physical, and maybe intimidating, so it’s going to be a tough match. Based on statistics, I think everything is equal in terms of head-to-head. Hopefully, the win will fall on our side,” said Hallgrimsson. 

“Of course, it’s preparation for the Mexico match and the future so we are not solely focused on winning the match. We want to see some players and rotate for sure. For me, yes performance, but also to give all the players a chance to stake a claim to be in the next squad against Mexico,” he added.

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