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HT Score: Denver Broncos 14-17 Baltimore Ravens: Live Stream on NBC Sports

DENVER (Sporting Alert) – The Baltimore Ravens leads the Denver Broncos 17-14 at half-time in the NFL 2013-14 season opener on Thursday night in Colorado.

Veteran quarterback Peyton Manning has already thrown for two touchdown for the Ravens, both coming in the second quarter and they went to tight end Julius Thomas.


In the early action it was the Ravens, who took the lead when Joe Flacco found Vonta Leach for a two yard gain and then Justin Tucker made the field goal for the extra point.

However, Manning found a wide open Thomas down the middle for a 24 yard gain in the second quarter to even things up.

Denver went ahead again when Ray Rice rushed for a yard for another touchdown, but the Manning and Thomas combination struck again for Baltimore the level up the scores.

Tucker kicked a 25-yard field goal, with seven seconds to go to give the Ravens the slight lead at half-time.

Meanwhile, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was forced to leave the game with a sprained right knee after he collided with a fellow Ravens teammate.

Undrafted rookie safety Brynden Trawick was the man who collided wit Jones, who limped off the field to the locker room.

According to the team doctor, he will not return to action tonight, with his main focus now being on rehab to try and be ready for the Ravens’ second game of the season, which will be a week from Sunday. Jones did finished with three catches for 24 yards before being forced off.

Rookie Marlon Brown replaced him on the pitch.

The game, which was scheduled to kick-off at 8:30 PM (ET), began 33 minutes late.

The delay was caused by lightning and when the action did go off it began in a light drizzle.

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