USA 400m hurdler Jeshua Anderson will be rooting for his friend Malcolm Smith this weekend, as his former team-mate lines up for the Seattle Seahawks in his first Superbowl.

Smith and Anderson played football on the same side before Jeshua headed on a scholarship to Washington State University.

“I played with Malcolm Smith at Taft High School,” explained Jeshua. “He went to USC so we played in the same Pac-10 Conference where I played against him in a few games.

“It was kinda strange to be trying to run away from somebody who you played alongside of.”

Outside linebacker, Smith, caught the game-winning interception in the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“It’s big time for him. I was really happy for him after he caught the game-ending interception against the 49ers.

“I was really excited for him and gave him a text and a shout-out. He was too pumped about it, as he should be.”

“Hopefully he’s able to come out with the win on Sunday for his first Superbowl, and enjoy the nice big ring on his finger.”

Anderson is confident Smith and Seahawks can be lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy in New Jersey, there was no doubt at all on who the 400m hurdler would be supporting.

“It’s tough, I’m going for the Seattle Seahawks of course, because I went to Washington State, and one of my real good friends is playing on the team.

“So I gotta go for the North-West that’s for sure. Denver have a good team too so we’ll see how they play but I think Seattle should be able to pull it out!”


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