Joey Barton: Sir Alex wants Moyes to fail so he can return to Man United

Joey Barton
Joey Barton of QPR in action. Zimbio.com Photo

LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Controversial QPR midfielder Joey Barton believes former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson wants current boss David Moyes to fail so he can come back manage the Red Devils.

Barton, who pulled no pushes with his criticisms, thinks that a man such as Ferguson, who had so much power during his managerial days finds it difficult to let go.

Ferguson retired from managing after winning the English Premier League last season and hand picked Moyes to be his successor.

However, Barton suggested that the United legend will make a sensational return to lead the club if Moyes is sacked.

“Ferguson has long been a master manipulator. I almost get the feeling he wants David Moyes not to do so well at United so he can come back and save the day,” he said in the Daily Star.

“That wouldn’t surprise me, hence the reason he’s everywhere. When you’ve had that many years of power and control it is difficult to let go. He threatened to retire for about ten years before he actually finished up.

“Moyes walked into tough situation. Fergie was smart enough to think, ‘Somehow I’ve won the league against all these teams with all this money, I’m not going to be able to do it again. This is my time to bow out at the top’.

“He left Moyes an incredibly difficult task.

Not only Moyes but executive vice-chairman Edward Woodward who seems to be handling the business side of transfers.”

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