Jose Mourinho: I feel sorry for Manchester United, Moyes

David Moyes (L) and Jose Mourinho: PHOTO –

LONDON (Sporting Alert) — Manchester United’s poor form this season has not gone unnoticed and Chelsea manager, a man who was strongly linked to be the next Red Devils boss is beginning to feel their pain.

The defending champions have all but surrendered their Barclays Premier League and even run the risk of not qualifying for the Champions League for next season.

David Moyes’ side is sitting seventh in the EPL standings with 42 points, 11 points away from current fourth placer Liverpool and Mourinho says he’s feeling “sorry” for Manchester United.

“I feel sorry for them. I never enjoy when somebody is having some problems like they have,” the Portugal coach said.

Despite the struggles, Mourinho still believes Manchester United can make the top four.

“But United is United and David is experienced enough. He is the right man for the job.

“They can (reach the top four). It’s not easy, they know that.

“They know that they are on the limit for the top four and they know teams like us, Arsenal, Liverpool are doing okay.”

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