Jose Mourinho sticking by decision to drop Casillas

MADRID (Sporting Alert) Headline hitting coach Jose Mourinho has hit back at those who criticized him for dropping captain and No. 1 goalkeeper Iker Casillas, stating that no one player is bigger than Real Madrid.

Mourinho has been firmly criticized over his decision to drop Casillas in Real Madrid’s defeat to Malaga in the last outing before the winter break, and the former Chelsea and Inter Milan manager pulled no punches in his come back comments.

“I don’t see [Casillas] as a monument. For me the monument is Real Madrid and the Real Madrid coach must always do what’s best for the team,” the Real Madrid manager Mourinho said in Dubai, where he was collecting the 2012 Globe Soccer Coach of the Year Award.

“It’s as simple as that. I don’t see the need to kick up a fuss or talk about monuments or any of that stuff”, he added.

Mourinho showered praises on winger Cristiano Ronaldo, stating that he’s a “star” but added that no one player makes up a club.

The Portugal coach also spoke about the responsibilities of managing a big club.

“A coach goes through good spells and bad spells,” he said. “It’s not easy to be in charge of a squad with 20-25 players, all from different countries.

“Football must be the most important thing in their lives, and you have to hammer that home.

“My main goal is to keep my players motivated on a day-to-day basis.”

Real Madrid are 16 points behind leaders Barcelona in the Spanish Premier League and seven points behind second place Atletico Madrid.

Mourinho’s side is in third.

He’s already given up on retaining the title his team won last season.

Reporting by WALTER-HOYOS

Walter Hoyos joins SportingAlert as contributor for Spanish football and the Spain national team. I like to travel, one of the favourite things on my list, but I also like to just spend time with family and friends when I am not covering football games. Hope to dump into some of my readers some day.

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