Justin Gatlin: My 9.87secs better than Bolt and Blake’s openers

DOHA (Sporting Alert) — American sprinter Justin Gatlin returned to top form with a sizzling run in Doha and then took a dig at his Jamaican rivals Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake on Friday.

Gatlin, who recently returned from a four year ban – clocked 9.87 seconds to win the 100 metres dash at the Doha Diamond League meeting – a time which is the third fastest in the world this year.

Only world record holder Bolt, who has a seasonal best of 9.82 seconds and world champion Blake’s 9.84secs have gone quicker, legally, than Gatlin this season, but the American said his performance Friday night is better.

“They were at home while I’m far away from home,” Gatlin told reporters after his win.

“I’ve proved I can run very well anywhere.”

The 2004 Olympic 100m champion didn’t get off to the best of starts, but once again showed his top end speed over the final 40-metres to pull even with Jamaican former world record holder Asafa Powell and then out-leaned him at the tape.

He commented: “Races like these show who’s a competitor and who’s just a runner. I like coming out here and competing.

“Even if Asafa is better than me in the middle phase, I’m going to come back some time at the end and get him.”

It will be interesting to see the American championships where Gatlin will face the likes of American record holder Tyson Gay and the ever reliable Walter Dix.

Bolt holds the world record over the 100m at 9.58secs, which he set at the 2009 Berlin World Championships.


29 thoughts on “Justin Gatlin: My 9.87secs better than Bolt and Blake’s openers

  1. Shut up. Jeter ran 10.81 at the same meet and she was not at home. This the very reason other countries have disdain for American athletes like Gatlin. Try getting into a meet where Blake and Bolt will run and then you can talk. You should be fortunate that you were let back in the sport after two positive drug test.

  2. We will soon see who is best gat just trying mind games he tryin to buikd a hype for him self but only time will tell. Action speaks louder dan word ever time

  3. Try that with Bolt or Blake and your ass will be left in their dust. U are not the only one with top end speed,()druggie and a snitch) stop gloating u only out leaned Powell. Blake ran in the rain and cold condition and did not push himself for fear of injury, and this is Bolt's first race period. U have been running all over the place before u came to Doha.

  4. @ Polly. How is Blake going to leave Gatlin in the Dust when he only has a pr of 9.82. Drugs or not Gatlin has gone 9.7.

  5. that gatlin looks like he as found a new pharmacy let him continue to talk off his mouth i know bolt and blake will frazle him out when the time comes he is just seeking attention i hope asafa learn a lesson that he must run low keyed meets which will sharpen him for major races gatlin has ran a few races from year start

  6. Calm down Justin, Yohan time was in Cuba….besides u will have your day with Mr. Bolt and u will see wat 9:58 is like, u may want to ask Tyson first as u may have an encounter with 9:49.

  7. Take it easy guys. It’s all trash talk from Gatlin but you got to love it….This only entices the ultimate finally, don’t you think??

  8. Talk about drugs what are Blake and Bolt taking?

    If Powell is going to anchor Jamaica’s 4×100 I think the USA should run Tyson Gay first, Gatlin second, Dix third, try to grab the lead and let Powell try and run down the 4th leg. Let’s see if Powell has it in him to run someone down or if he’ll give up.

  9. Gatlin need to take a chill pill and relax himself…Blake and Bolt will teach you a lesson pretty soon…how You fi compared yourself with the king and Prince of track…

  10. You wish. Gatlin need to learn humility. He got a win, be thankful and move on. He must be using some kind of drug for him to discount the times of Bolt and Blake. His petulance is one of the reason American athletes are not liked. Bolt fastest time last year was 9.76. What was his? He needs to go to Gay’s school of humility – withdraw from Lewis class.

  11. Gatlin made a stupid comment about Blake and Bolt running at home. Bolt has never broken the world record at home and Blake’s Fastest 200m wat not at home.

  12. Andrew. Barber that aggression and attitude is typical of the druggies….acting just the same just before he got busted! But juice or not his arse is grass when Bolt and Yohan gets a hold of him!

  13. Bolt yes. Yohan??? What I don't get is why everybody is hyping Yohan in the 100. Every since he ran that 19.26 in the deuce people are acting like he ran 9.6 in the 100. Two different events people. if you want to hype the man up in the 200 thats fine because I'm right there with you. Let Yohan run faster in the 100 before you start to hype him.

  14. we need to kick out the drugs cheat and clean up track & field. know drugs cheat justin trying to act like he his good for the sports of track & field this is why the sports is not on top any more cause of cheat. he got cheat 2 time and he back for a 3 time wow cause he run for the usa Ben was kick out for life after 2 time cheating. just look at what the usa and london cheat for us.

  15. you cant count gatlins times anymore forget. sure yohan would have run a prob 9.69 if he was juiced up like gatlin. the 9.7 only shows his fastest possible limit he might never reach again

  16. Asafa will beat Gatlin the next time they meat i promise you that, Gatlin needs to relax himself he is not even running good times, he needs to go to Gay’s school and be patient and prove himself when the time is right. If he continues this was he ie going to look foolish\h when he runs fifth if he makes it to the 100m finals.

  17. Gatlin is trying to get into the heads of the other athletes through all the talk.He pretty well knows what he is doing.

  18. Gatlin is cheat…will always be a cheat and is lucky that he was let back in. He is still on drugs…just doing the ben johnson rope a dope. As soon as they catch up with what he is now using and put it on the banned list, you will see his times go up. I give him 6 months before he tsts positive….

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