Juventus vs AC Milan: Coppa Italia quarter-final

TORINO (Sporting Alert) – The AC Milan vs Juventus in the Italian National Cup on Wednesday will feel like a final, this is according to both managers.

Juventus coach Antonio Conte and Milan boss Massimiliano Allgeri made the comments during their press conferences on the eve of the well anticipated Coppa Italia Cup quarter final clash.

Conte will also be hoping his Juventus team can quickly bounce back from the shocking Serie A defeat to Sampdoria last Sunday.

“If we just brush off the defeat against Sampdoria then it means we are preparing for another defeat,” Conte said. “Tomorrow we play against Milan, a great team just like Juventus, and they will be extremely motivated.

“We know that it will be very difficult to win the scudetto again this season and we are in the same position that other teams found themselves in a year and a half ago, teams like Milan, Inter and even Napoli who were all ahead of us.

“Now we are in front and teams would like to be where we are, that is only normal if you carry the scudetto on your shirt, but despite the five point lead we know that winning again will be extremely difficult.”

Milan boss Allgeri, meanwhile, is looking for his team to produce the kind of performance that saw them defeating Siena 2-1 over the weekend.

“We need to repeat our performance from that match, knowing that it could go to extra time and penalties,” Allgeri said.

“Last season they were two very entertaining matches and we need to face the match as if it were a final knowing that we are playing in their stadium.

“Conte is doing a great job and the results clearly speak for themselves. He deserves all the praise because he is an excellent coach.”

On tomorrow evening’s match Conte said that he would continue rotating his squad.

Conte, despite wanting to take the victory, admits that he will continue to rotate his Juventus squad.

He said. “I want to see some players who have played less make more progress and I expect to them to step up their game.

“Marchisio received a heavy blow to his knee, to the knee cap, and he has some heavy bruising which I expect will disappear over the next few days.

“I hope to have him available as soon as possible because Claudio has

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