Lakers’ Howard ejected for a flagrant 2 foul against Denver

DENVER (Sporting Alert) The Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has been ejected for a flagrant 2 foul during the NBA game against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night at Pepsi Center.

Watch The Video Of The Foul By Howard

Howard was thrown from the game in the third quarter after pushing Kenneth Faried of the Nuggets to the ground with two hands with 5:01 left in the quarter.

After a review of the replay by the game officials, Howard was ejected.

The Lakers were down 72-78 at that point, but Denver slowly increased the lead at one point went up to 12, despite Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash attempts to keep the score within reach.

Howard left the game after scoring 12 points and grabbing seven rebounds and three assists.

The big center was coming off a 14 points and 12 rebound performance in the win over the New York Knicks on Christmas Day Tuesday.

But will now have to watch the rest of this game inside his team’s locker room.

Los Angeles will now be hoping for a big run in the final quarter with the likes of Nash. Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace expected to lead the way.

The Lakers are on a five game winning streak and are 2-0 since the return of Nash from injury.

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  1. I think Chris Paul to the Clippers is a better chioce in my opinion Blake Griffin last years MVP could use a solid 15 and 10 point guard. As for Dwight going to the Lakers, I don\’t think Kobe and another superstar is a good idea. Think of what happened with Shaq and Kobe. Of course they one three rings but that was when Kobe was in his prime and Shaq too. I think that Kobe is trying to get his right now and with the way Dwight Howard\’s game is he needs touches. In Orlando last year there were too many times where Dwight didn\’t touch the ball as he wanted to and he expressed it vocally through the media. If this happens in Orlando why go somewhere where there is already a superstar present? But too each it\’s own. The NBA will be interesting with all of the big moves made this off-season. MIAMI BABBBBBYYYYYY!!!!!!

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