Live Stream of Brooklyn at Chicago on TNT Overtime

Chicago, IL (Sporting Alert) — Kevin Garnett will be in the starting lineup again for the Brooklyn Nets when they take on the Chicago Bulls live on TNT Overtime on Thursday night at United Center.

Watch Live Stream: Brooklyn at Chicago on TNT Overtime

Deron Williams and Shaun Livingston both start again for Brooklyn (24-26), which won four of its last five games.

Meanwhile, Carlos Boozer will start at the power forward for Chicago (26-25), who beat the Atlanta Hawks 100-85 on Tuesday night to go above .500.

It was widely suggested that Taj Gibson, who scored 24 and 12 rebounds in the win over the Atlanta Hawks might have been given the nod to start, but Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has decided to keep his word and start with Boozer, which means Gibson will finish.

Chicago Team: Kirk Hinrich (PG) Jimmy Butler (SG) Mike Dunleavy (SF) Carlos Boozer (PF) Joakim Noah (C).

Brooklyn Team: Deron Williams (PG) Shaun Livingston (SG) Joe Johnson (SF) Paul Pierce (PF) Kevin Garnett (C).

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