Liverpool want Michael Owen, Didier Drogba – reports

LIVERPOOL (Sporting Alert) — Liverpool manager Brendon Rodgers is believed to be interested in signing free agent Michael Owen after finding himself strikers short at Anfield.

The Reds boss let England international Andy Carroll go on a loan deal to West Ham on Thursday night, thinking that American forward Clint Dempsey was on his way to Anfield from Fulham before the transfer window closed on Friday.

However, that never materialized and Rodgers is now left strikers short and is now looking to Owen and even former Chelsea forward Didier Drogba to help him out.

“I can’t say no. Any player I believe can improve the squad, I will look at,” he said.

“We have a very small group. We had 19 training (on Friday). It is something that would have to be discussed.”

Rodgers said had he known Dempsey wasn’t going to join the club, he would have kept Carroll.

Owen has been on the high list of several other Barclays Premier League clubs, including Sunderland, while news media are reporting that Drogba is having problems with his Chinese bosses and could be let go.

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