(Sporting Alert) — The battle of LA is on again tonight when the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center.

The game will be live on ESPN and ESPN3.com. Listen To Live Commentary

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin has led the Clippers to six straight victories and will be hoping to collect its seventh win as a difficult Lakers team.

The Lakers, which are coming off a 91-87 win over the New Jersey Nets, have won three straight since losing to the improving Oklahoma City Thunder and are ready to do battle with their city rivals.

LA Clippers v LA Lakers Season Stats

Point Leaders
Kobe Bryant – (LAL) – 28.0; Blake Griffin – (LAC) – 20.9; Chris Paul – (LAC) – 19.3; Andrew Bynum – (LAL) – 17.9
Assist Leaders
Chris Paul – (LAC) – 8.8; Ramon Sessions – (LAL) – 5.6; Kobe Bryant – (LAL) – 4.6
Rebound Leaders
Andrew Bynum – (LAL) – 11.9; Blake Griffin – (LAC) – 10.9; Pau Gasol – (LAL) – 10.5; Deandre Jordan – (LAC) – 8.4


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