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LSU remains No. 1 in D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings

LSU Tigers baseball team celebrates

LSU has maintained its spot as the top-ranked team in the D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings for the fifth week in a row, but there have been changes in the rankings below them. The following is the latest college baseball DI top 25 rankings.

Tennessee was previously ranked second but got swept by Missouri over the weekend, causing them to fall all the way to 12th place. Ole Miss, who was also swept over the weekend in SEC play, dropped ten spots from third to 13th. The new top five includes Wake Forest at second place, followed by Florida, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. – Read more: LSU completes series sweep over Samford with 13-1 win

Stanford and East Carolina completed the top 10, while South Carolina moved up five spots to 11th after a successful trip to Georgia. Texas Tech had an impressive weekend against Oklahoma State and jumped from 22nd to 14th place, while Florida Gulf Coast entered the top 20 after another successful weekend.

At the bottom of the rankings, there was a lot of movement as Alabama, TCU, Virginia Tech, Florida State, NC State, and Southern Miss all dropped out. The six new teams in the rankings are Boston College, Miami, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Grand Canyon.

The D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings are determined by editors and national writers, and all records reflect games played through March 19, according to the release by

D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings

Here is the table of the D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings, indicating each team’s record:

  1. LSU 18-2
  2. Wake Forest 18-3
  3. Florida 18-4
  4. Vanderbilt 16-5
  5. Arkansas 18-2
  6. Louisville 17-2
  7. UCLA 15-3
  8. Virginia 17-2
  9. Stanford 13-5
  10. East Carolina 16-4
  11. South Carolina 20-1
  12. Tennessee 15-6
  13. Ole Miss 14-6
  14. Texas Tech 18-4
  15. North Carolina 15-5
  16. Boston College 14-3
  17. Miami 14-6
  18. Campbell 15-3
  19. FGCU 16-4
  20. Oklahoma State 16-5
  21. Texas A&M 14-6
  22. Missouri 16-3
  23. Kentucky 18-2
  24. West Virginia 15-4
  25. Grand Canyon 14-5

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